Subject: Coaching Courses / Workshops

Please find below details of forthcoming courses/ workshops. I will let you have details of those courses with venues to be confirmed as soon as I am able: Level 1 10/11 May - Oxford 7//8 June - Nottingham 21/22 June - Teesside 5/6 July - South East - venue to be confirmed Level 2 17/18 May - Teesside 31 May/1 June - Nottingham 19/20 July - Swindon Managers 2nd Aug - North - venue to be confirmed 10th August - Nottingham South - date and venue to be confirmed Workshops The following workshops will be run over the summer period: Goalie Workshop - date and venue to be confirmed Developing Defensemen - date and venue to be confirmed

There is a Level 3 running over 22nd to 26th May - the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be open for coaches to attend as workshops. We are waiting for confirmation from the guest speakers before we are able to let you know what sessions are being run on what days. Details will be sent to you as soon as possible. However, please note the spaces on these sessions are limited. Please let me know asap if you have anyone wishing to attend any of the above.


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