23 Oct 03 Fundraising Committee At the recent AGM, it was agreed that a fundraising committee would be formed to look at sponsorship and fundraising opportunities. It is hoped that a parent from each team will join this committee to find ways of raising funds towards such items as team kit and the reduction of fees.

15 Oct 03 The second trial for the u11s conference team will be held on Sunday 19th October at the Billingham Ice Rink between 6.00pm and 8.00pm. Selected players should arrive no later than 5.15pm and must wear their club shirts. Parents are reminded that the £5.00 fee must be paid on arrival.

7 Oct 03 Player Training Up Asessments This season's first player 'training up' assessments will take place during the week commencing 27 October.

2 Oct 03 Kingsmill Offer Allied Bakeries currently have a sports kit offer running on their Kingsmill bread. The BIHDA have registered for this offer. Please collect the tokens and pass them to Carron Bennett, the Firehawks Assistant Manager.


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